Dear Customer of the Saint Kilian Parish Fish Fry,

Thank you for your patronage during the 2017 Lenten Season.  We were pleased to be able to serve so many in our parish and community. 

We recently became aware that there was an issue at our credit card processing company that led to many transactions not being completed to payment during our 2017 Fish Fry. If you purchased fish with a credit card during the first four weeks of the fish fry, your order POTENTIALLY was not charged.  While we are able to see transactions, totals and whose card was swiped, we are unable to see card numbers due to credit card privacy restrictions. 

To put this more simply, many of you got free dinners when you did not intend to, and we are working to rectify this.  Your card will only be charged now if it was not charged at the time that you enjoyed your meal.  If you purchased your food with cash or a check, you are not affected.

The credit card processing company is able to accurately determine which cards and transactions were affected and has all card information encrypted.  They will be reprocessing these charges to the original card as soon as their double check is complete, which may be as soon as July 27, 2017.  We have been assured by our processing company that your card will only be reprocessed if you were not originally charged.  Due to the number of transactions affected, as well as the privacy concerns, we are unable to accept a different method of payment prior to the reprocessing of these cards.  If you have any concerns, please contact us directly at or 724-625-1665 x2121. 

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause. 


Charles Goetz, Business Manager
Sheila Coulson, Development and Events Coordinator
Lesley Stofko, Development and Events Director