THANK YOU to Cindy Esser and Lee Ann Stumm who coordinate and manage this annual event . THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered, brought desserts and enjoyed a great meal this Lenten season. We think parishioner and friend Gino Travali summed it up best, so we would like to share with you his comments at the conclusion of another wonderful and banner Fish Fry Season.

"How wonderful! "God is good" An old mentor of mine used to say "Hard work and good luck go hand in hand, the harder I work the luckier I get" It's no accident that we accomplished what was done this year four our parish. We have the type of dedication from which good things come.

With the combination of great food, great service, and wonderful parishioners who each in their own way make it happen, we are very fortunate to have this wonderful parish community that is so giving in so many ways. God bless all of you for your support!

So as another year comes to a close please congratulate all the crew and the leaders that manage it so well year after year."

Until next year!